How Much Does Classical Conversations Cost?

“How much does Classical Conversations cost?”

I’ve gotten this question several times, so in an attempt to answer it, here’s a breakdown of the cost for Classical Conversations:


-Registration Fee: $75 for 1st child/$50 for second, Due when you turn your registration form in, no spot can be held without it.
-Tuition: $325 per student, Due by July 20th
-Supply Fee: $50 per student, Due June 20th-pays for all copies, science and art supplies, etc.
-Facility Fee: $30 per student and $41 per family, Due June 20th-goes to The Gathering to cover their cost of hosting us, insurance, etc. (each community sets their own differently) For our community, you only pay this once. If your child is also in Essentials, there is not an additional Facility Fee.
-Foundations Guide: $60-this one book is good for all 3 cycles and you only buy one for your whole family, you won’t have to buy this again the next year.
-Tin Whistles: $10-one for each student-another thing that once you buy it the first year, you don’t have to buy it again
-Geography Trivium Table (Dry erase map need to have a marker for class): $10, one per student, these are Cycle specific, so a different one each year

RECOMMENDED, but not required (we all have these and use them almost daily, though)
-Timeline cards: $88-($22 a pack with 4 packs) again, good for all 3 Cycles, and you only have to buy one set for your family, once. If you tutor, you need these.
-binders and page protectors are strongly recommended for the timeline cards, and run around $50ish.
-Audio 3-CD set with all your memory work on them, songs and chants: $35, this is for one cycle, the next year you’ll need to buy them for the next cycle. A HUGE life-saver! Don’t know what I’d do without my CDs!

For new Families – Total for Foundations:
1st child – $601
Additional children – $475 each
Adding the Timeline Cards and Audio CDs – $123


-Registration Fee: $75 for 1st child/$50 for second, Due when you turn your registration form in-no spot can be held without it.
-Tuition: $325 per student, Due by July 21st
-Supply Fee: $20 per student, due June 20th
-Facility Fee: If your child is in Foundations, there is no additional fee. If not, it is $30 per student and $41 per family, due June 20th
-Essentials Guide: $45 one per family, but if you have more than one child, you’ll have about 30 pages to make copies of (good for all 3 years)
-Writing curriculum: student and teacher combo $49, Student only (you need one for each student) $29. (Cycle specific-have to buy a new one each year, one combo per family, or you can get away with only a student writing book if you need to save money, but some moms say they are glad they have the teacher guide)
-Institute for Excellence in Writing Structure and Style Syllabus: $35 (one per family)
-The Synonym Finder: $19 (you can find one used or any thesaurus would work-one per family)
-3 or 4 binders, page protectors, tabbed dividers, dry erase markers, printer paper and ink (you have to print out a lot for the guide), metal rings, sticky tabs.

-IEW Trivium Table: $10
-Our Mother Tongue and Key: $25 good for families with weak grammar, not used in class

For new Families-Total for Essentials (not counting binders, etc):
1st child (If doing both Foundations and Essentials, if only doing Essentials, add $71 for the Facility Fee) – $568

Additional children (If doing both Foundations and Essentials, if only doing Essentials add $30 for the Facility) – $424 each

Foundations tutors split evenly 60% of the Foundations tuition, so even if you are a tutor and have only 5 students, you get paid the same as a tutor with 8 students. ¬†Essentials tutors’ pay depends on the number of students in their class, but it is 70% of the tuition. For example, if you have a class of 12 students, you would make $2730. This would probably be about the max you would have. Some communities allow up to 16 students per Essentials class, but that is a very large class!! Smaller is sometimes better.

As far as childcare for children under the age of 4, that is coordinated by individual campuses, or you may make your own arrangements. Options range from having moms rotate in the nursery, to hiring one helper and one mom rotating, or hiring two helpers, etc. CC’s official stance is that younger children are always welcome in the class with their moms, but they will not be able to participate in activities that require supplies. Also, the tutor depends on the moms in her class to help her with crowd control and keeping things running smoothly. If your younger child prevents you from helping or is a disruption to the class, she may have to ask you to step out.

All this to say-Don’t let the cost scare you off!! If you combine the cost of buying all the required materials and paying tuition and fees, it breaks down to less than $30 for each class!

A couple of things I want to encourage you to do:

1-PRAY Ask God what He wants for your family this next year. If it’s CC, we’ll be happy to have you!

2-Find creative ways your family can work together to raise money to pay for CC. Yard sales, bake sales, making crafts or jewelry, etc. There are a multitude of ways to fund raise, and many helpful websites out there to guide you. You may even go in with another family to do an activity and then split the profits. Save your change, STARTING NOW! We just did this to raise money to help others at Christmas, and we were surprised how quickly we saved $50, just by saving our change and selling some stuff around the house.  Here is a link to a fund raising site that has great ideas.

Share your ideas with us! I love comments and questions!




4 thoughts on “How Much Does Classical Conversations Cost?

  1. I have reviewed several blogs about CC and associated costs, and the refund policy is never discussed. My step sister offered to home school my 4 and 10 year. She is a program director in the Tulsa, OK area. I am a widower and can not school the children myself. After paying over
    $1, 345.00 in tuition and fees, my stepsister changed her mind and sent my children home, (before the classes even started). I have tried to obtain a refund in whole or part and have been told there are “no refunds for any reason”. Has anyone else had any problems like this? This is a lot of money to pay for a service that was never provided.

    1. Great question! I started to answer you and decided that many other people may have the same question, so I turned it into a blog post. You can find the post here. Please let me know if this doesn’t answer your questions! I’m so sorry that you haven’t been able to find answers before now. I hope this helps.

  2. Hello, I am very interested in CC. I have registered to attend this year’s three day practicum. From my understanding, I home school my kids at home, and then once a week, we meet and my kids are taught by a tutor? Where am I while they meet? I know I must remain on campus, but what will I be doing while my child meets with others?

    1. I’m so glad you’re going to attend practicum! You will be so encouraged by your time with other homeschool families. CC’s motto is, “Redeeming two generations at one time.” Because very few of us had a classical education, it is important that we learn right along with our children. During the weekly CC meetings, parents are in class with their kids. The tutor has the job of relaying an enormous amount of information in a short period of time. What she’s really doing, is teaching us parents how to teach our kids throughout the week. Parents are also responsible to assist the tutor however she needs: with crowd control, handing out materials, showing geography points to kids on their maps, etc. I’ve learned more these last two years than I could have ever imagined! If you have more than one child, you can change up which class you go to from week to week. Hope this helps!

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